What you need to look for when your hiring an IT Software Team or Vendor

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June 19, 2017

What you need to look for in a IT Software Team or a Vendor

  1. Your IT team should be able to understand your business plan, the numbers, the backend / offline process, everything.
  2. They should not be passive listeners, but should actively contribute to finding solutions, they should be aware of trends, and follow best practices.
  3. They should know when to suggest and when not to interfere. Wrong inputs can waste a lot of time and impact your thought process.
  4. Make sure you will get support when you need it, to keep things going you would need them to be available. More so after the shop goes live.
  5. The ideal team would comprise of
  • Business Analyst – Understand your business and translate them into functional and non-functional requirements. If the Business Analyst doesn’t get it right then the rest of your team will be heading in the wrong direction. The BA should also be able to suggest the best practices.
  • Architect – A good architect to design the application, whether you go with Open Source eCommerce Platforms, Licensed Applications, Applications built on Proprietary Software or Develop your platform from scratch, your architect will be the key.
  • Project Manager – You will only see your shop go online if the Project Manager is able to get the developers to implement the architecture and design accurately and on-time. The project manager needs to understand the Requirements, the Architecture and Technology.
  • Development Team – Your development team should have a good UI Designer, UI Developers and a bunch of good Programmers
  • Testing Team – The testing team has to be involved from day 1 of your project life-cycle. These are the people who will ensure your shop  functions as per the defined requirements in all the possible situations and environments targeted.

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